• Clothing Protectors

    Whatever you need...we've got you covered! 


    The LaLa - a portable shirt saver for "on-the-go" folks.


    ROGEY styles - ranging from petite bandanas to full coverage mock t-shirts, these creations are made just for adults and children who need some extra coverage during mealtime or helping to manage drool.  Each 3 layered Rogey has a moisture barrier sewn inside!

  • Wristbands

    Soft, absorbent bamboo velour wristbands.  Handy for drool management and light sniffles during exercise or outdoor activities.

  • Custom Items

    Handy Adaptive Products Produced for You is the basis of H.A.P.P.Y. Simple Solutions! 

    If you need something special and it's pretty simple, we'll do all we can to create it for you.

  • Bamboo Fabric

    All the products offered by H.A.P.P.Y. Simple Solutions incorporate bamboo fabrics, either bamboo jersey, terry cloth, or velour. 

    If you'd like to create your own items with bamboo, try a yard or 2 at home! 

    Check out internet tutorials for uses of soft, absorbent bamboo textiles in diaper liners, blankets, and clothing.  I personally love the feel and quality of bamboo fabrics!

  • Towels

    Choose your style!


       GYM TOWELS that won't fall off


       Colorful ROGEY scarf-like towels with 3 layers of protection.

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